About Me

Mark Shoemaker, LPC

My style of counseling begins with the relationship between me and each of my clients. My goal is to build a relationship with each person that I see so that trust, empathy, and connection can be the starting point for the rest of therapy. During and after the process of building a connection, I tailor the counseling process according to each client's needs. My personal life experiences, along with my education in psychology and counseling, has informed my counseling style, but I am always nose deep in a new book or attending workshops to better help each of my client’s diverse concerns. I believe that the best counselors are the ones who are always learning. 

My inspiration to pursue counseling came from my years as a college student. This huge transition and everything that came with it surfaced a lot of self-doubt, insecurity, and shame in myself. It wasn’t until I developed really close friendships and started my own personal therapy that I started to work through the self-doubt, insecurity, and shame. Because of the power of those friendships, therapy, meaningful conversations, and transformation that took place in my life, I was inspired to pursue counseling.


After I graduated Stephen F. Austin State University (Axe em’ Jacks!) with a degree in Psychology, I went on to study Counseling at Dallas Theological Seminary. Alongside my studies at DTS, which I loved every minute of, I had the opportunity to do something else I love, travel the world! Over the last year of my studies at DTS I traveled to the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Ireland, Italy, Australia, and my personal favorite, Switzerland! I enjoy interacting with the people I meet everywhere I go and love exploring new places, people, and conversations. During my off time I will probably be reading through a new book, traveling, hanging out with friends, or just hanging out with my wife watching the newest season of our favorite show.

Since graduating from DTS I have spent several years helping couples and individuals explore issues surrounding, anxiety, depression, marriage, shame, identity, spiritual concerns, and relationship concerns. I offer marriage counseling, couples counseling, and individual counseling via tele-counseling.  I have a strong desire to help others find healing and hope in the midst of some of the toughest problems life can throw at you. I hope you find useful my services, blog, and other resources. I look forward to connecting with you!