Online Anxiety Counseling

Do you feel on edge all of the time? Is it difficult for you to get through the day without excessive worry or fear? Do you find it difficult to get to sleep because of stress and worry? Do you feel like any minute you might just lose it? Do you avoid social situations because of excessive fear or worry? Do you feel like your anxiety interferes with your friendships, at work, or within your family?

If so, then you may struggle with an anxiety disorder. Anxiety can easily get out of control and become debilitating. The feeling is capable of keeping you from connecting with the people you love and working at your best.



Anxiety isn’t just internal. When you get anxious you might notice that your palms can start to sweat, heart races, breathing becomes rapid, excessive sweating, muscles tense, become unable to stay calm, change in sleep pattern, and/or loss of appetite. The physical symptoms show up and sometimes that can make it worse. When you see your sweat stains on your shirt, your head starts to become stiff, or you can’t stop moving around or fidgeting, you can think “oh no! What if everyone else notices my anxiety too?” That can exacerbate the feeling of anxiety.

If you deal with anxiety or excessive feelings of stress, therapy might be the right fit for you. After a while, anxiety and stress can take a toll on your body. Stress has been shown to cause heart problems, headaches, digestive problems, interruption in sleep, and problems with concentration over time. The goals of therapy are to eliminate anxiety’s control over you. This can be a process, but a fruitful one if followed through. There are ways to cope with anxiety and control what might be causing the anxiety to surface.

Throughout the therapy process you can expect to

  1. Gain insight to what is causing your anxiety

  2. Develop coping strategies to fight anxiety

  3. Discover and process past wounds that might be contributing to its control over you

And a lot more! The process can be difficult, but rewarding. If you have any questions about anxiety or would like to schedule a consultation feel free to contact me.