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Online Anger Counseling

Do you feel like your anger has control over you? Do you find yourself getting angry more often than not? Has your anger hurt people that you care about? Is it difficult for you to let your anger go? If so, then online anger counseling might be the right fit for you. The goal of anger therapy is to help you control your anger instead of continuing to allow your anger to control you.


How Anger Counseling Works


One of the first steps in the process is giving you ways to control the impulse to do or say something that you will regret. Although there are several strategies, the goal is to find what fits and works best for you. One common first step that can help is to develop an understanding of the circumstances that cause your anger. It sounds really simple, but is sometimes harder then it sounds. We have so many thoughts and feelings that we experience during the day and to focus on each and every one would be exhausting. Usually thoughts and feelings come and go.

When anger is an issue it is necessary to slow down and pay close attention. It is important to notice what triggered the anger, what physiological symptoms you experience when you have the anger, and what usually calms you down. This gives you more information to understand your anger which is the first step in finding healing. This is something your therapist is trained to help you understand and discuss in detail.

Once you are aware of your anger, the next step is to develop a plan to remove yourself from the situation that caused the anger when you are at “the point of no return”. Sometimes this can be difficult, but working through this with is essential. When you reach “the point of no return” the part of your brain responsible for making complicated decisions and processing complex information goes partially offline. In order to get it back online, you need to separate yourself from the trigger. You will also learn de-escalation techniques when in counseling to help calm down after you separate yourself from the trigger.

These are a few things that happen at the beginning of therapy. After finding a way to control the impulse of anger, the plan is to understand what is going on under the hood. This is when we will work through questions like “When did you begin to notice your anger become an issue?” “What was your experience with anger growing up?” and others. One of the purposes of looking under the hood is to discover what makes you resort to anger instead of other feelings and why. Once we figure that out, we can begin to address the problem at its root.

Anger counseling can be tough, but the process is rewarding. If you have any questions about anger, or would like to schedule a consultation, feel free to contact us or schedule an appointment!


About Online Anger Counseling


Due to counseling at Revive being online, it is important to establish the legitimacy and appropriateness of online counseling for each of our clients. First, we use a HIPAA compliant platform to conduct all of our sessions. This means that your information is entirely confidential and protected. Our job is to make sure that you feel safe and that all sessions and personal information is confidential. One of the ways that we do this is by using a HIPAA compliant tele-health platform as well as a HIPAA compliant scheduling software.

Second, establishing a connection with your therapist is important to us and more than possible through online counseling. If we did not believe that you could establish a relationship with your therapist or make strides towards your goals, we would not participate in online counseling. We are committed to making sure you feel that you are making progress and have a working professional relationship with your therapist. If you decide to participate in online counseling, you and your counselor will work together to establish goals to make sure you are moving forward and making progress. In addition, just as with face to face counseling, you will have time to build a professional relationship and feel comfortable talking with your counselor.

Third, due to the nature of online counseling all clients need to have a reliable internet connection and private place to meet virtually with their therapist. This is essential to get the most out of online counseling. If you need help with setting that up, then you can speak with your counselor to get a few tips on how to make this possible.

Finally, please send us an email if you have any questions regarding our online counseling service. We want to make sure all of our clients find the right fit for them. If online counseling is not a right fit, then we are happy to make referrals. If online counseling is a good fit, then feel free to schedule an appointment online.

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